MILKSHAKE festival w/ Levi’s Tailer Shop


Hi there, I’ve finally found my way back to the blog. It’s been a  busy few weeks but I have a lot of new projects coming up. For example, this sunday I’m going to the Milkshake festival in Amsterdam with my man  jan_weekly where we’re  going to customize our own Levis jackets. As a matter of fact Levis is going around festivals with their mobile Tailor Shop. This gives you a chance to customize, personalize, rip & repair your favorite Levi’s items. You’ve probably seen this trend before but lately everything is about personalizing and making your closet a little more unique. Can’t wait to see what it’s going to look like!  Here’s some inspiration on how to personalize your fav item.






As you can see I’m already a big Levis fan so I’m super thrilled to go and get my jacket personalized! Don’t know yet how I want it so if you guys have any ideas you can let me know! Follow me on snapchat and instagram @enfacedl for the entire journey!

If you’re not able to go to the festival you can still get your item customized at the ‘customize service’ Levis offers in all of their stores! Here’s my all denim levis look.



IN MY BOXERS / FashionXsport by Zalando



Here’s the second part of my FASHIONxSPORT campaign by Zalando. For me fashion doesn’t exist without sport influences. You’ll always find a little sport reference in my outfits. This Stella McCartney Neoprene sweater is perfect to wear after your workout but also a cool fashion statement. I have to admit I’d never go out without wearing pants but I just wanted to show off my Bjorn Borg boxers. They’re the perfect motivation to keep doing those squats every day.  Love my new Adidas nmd sneakers by the way, favorite item of the month for sure! Having said all that, I want to put Lili and Felicia in the spotlight for a second. Love how these girls made me look, from hair&make-up to lightening. They’re definitely worth following!

Phototgrapher Felicia Van Ham
Mua Lili Glavan 




I’m so excited to finally tell you about this collaboration I did with zalando for Beyonce’s new activewear collection for women, called #IVY PARK.



Everybody has a safe place to find inner piece and motivation. A place to clear your head and find yourself again. For Beyoncé that’s the park where she went running ever since she was a little girl, pushing herself to achieve her goals and be the better, stronger version of herself. This campaign calls out the world to share their #mypark.

My Park is a state of mind in which I find my strength and motivation.




My park is a place where I feel strong and confident, a place where I can lose myself for a couple of hours and feel reborn afterwards. It’s a more symbolic place than an actual spot for me. Wherever I’m working out, and go to that specific state of mind where I feel like I can do and be anything, that’s my park. Lately it’s where I can hit the living crap out of these punching bags. Boxing became my therapy, it makes me feel calm and in control. Not only is it doing wonders to your body but every time I go boxing I find a little perspective about life and my problems. It’s a good thing my coaches Arthur and Ken keep pushing me so that I can push myself.  What’s your Park?




Join the movement and share your personal #MyPark experience.

I’m wearing the Ivy park black body, black cap and white parka. Shop the look via Zalando.

Photographer – Nina Dancet / tumblr
Make up & hair – Charlotte de Lange
Location – Ting Tong Gym 





LOVE MY PINK Fjällräven


A few weeks ago Duifhuizen contacted me to talk about a collab. They offer so many different bags, backpacks, clutches, purses,… In every color and size you can imagine. I’m a big fan of backpacks, probably because I travel a lot and when you’re always on the move you want a practical yet fashionable bag. The fact that it’s waterproof is one of the biggest assets I think because I often take my laptop of camera and now I won’t have to worry about them getting wet during rainy days. (not that it ever rains in Belgium…) At first I wasn’t sure my laptop would fit because it’s so tiny and cute but no worries, it can. Now I can take my work with me everywhere I go!

I’m wearing
Fjällräven mini pink kanken backpack
Adidas Originals SUPERSTAR Rize sneakers
sweater and jeans
Clouds of fashion coat


Fashion x Sport by ZALANDO

My very own Fashion x sport by Zalando collab, how about that!? I’m thrilled about this trending campaign that puts fashion & sport back together and brings new rules to the fashion world. Eating healthy and working out is more than a trend, it’s a lifestyle and that’s what the campaign Fashion meets sport is all about. Wearing sporty clothes in your daily routine can be very fashionable and trendy if you do it right. Here’s my first of 5 looks that I hope will inspire you guys. Not only do I like the sporty outfits I also love to work out. It’s my way of blowing off steam after a long day at work or to start the day. I’ve recently started kick-boxing and that’s by far the hardest, most exhausting and liberating sport I’ve ever tried and to be honest, I’m hooked!

Big thanks to photographer Felicia Van Ham and mua Lili Glavan. Make sure you check out their work.


One of the most important reasons why I dress the way I do is to feel good about myself and that’s hard to do if you’re not comfortable in your clothes. I don’t always agree with the expression “you have to tolerate pain to look good“. Maybe when you’re talking about high heels for a special occasion but certainly not in general. Wear something that moves when you move and won’t hold you back. It’s important to have room to explore your own style, especially when you’re young. Try out new things, don’t follow the rules but make your own. I know I’m not tall and would probably look better in heels but I don’t feel like wearing them every day so I made sneakers my thing and I’m happy to walk a few extra miles in my Adidas Originals SUPERSTAR Rize sneakers, nothing can stop me. I’m also wearing the mustard pleated skirt (Topshop), the Cheap Monday crop top (similar one here) and the Missguided zazula leather jacket.



The SS16 Zalando campaign starring Anna Ewers was shot by Gordon von Steiner. She’s one of the most influencing models and was chosen model of the year 2015.




Finally it’s time for #DRESSUPTHURSDAY! Here’s my look inspired by the WE fashion DUT campaign. You might already know I’m a big fan of suits. You can suit up for any occasion but when you’re off to work or a meeting it’s even more fun. It instantly makes me feel more successful. My resolution was to add more color to my outfits but today I made an exception. Going to work in this gorgeous black suit and dope ass sunglasses already made my day. The cross over blazer can be worn casually or like this with black flared pants. The focus is on the waist which makes it the perfect blazer not to mention the sudden length of my legs. I’m not taking these pants of any time soon. Of course when you’re working late and you can’t go home to change for your late night dinner, this sequins top is the perfect solution. Talking about a multifunctional outfit. For the finishing touch I used a simple black leather clutch and sunglasses, both are from We Fashion as well.


Last but not least, don’t forget to enter the giveaway. I teamed up with WE Fashion to give away a gift voucher of €125 through my instagram account. What do you have to do?

  • Make the perfect DUT picture and post it on instagram.
  • Tag @Wefashionstories and @enfacedl

This competition ends on Easter Monday 28th April!

Thanks to Benedicte Verbraeken



After all the Casual Friday’s, it’s about time to have a Dress Up Thursday! Why not go to work or school in a fabulous outfit to celebrate that it’s almost weekend?! When you’re dressed good you feel good, and I also believe that you don’t need a special occasion to dress up. The collection has a color palette of citronella, dark blue and vanilla, doesn’t that sound sweet and tasty? With the wide range of blazers, dresses and skirts you’ll definitely find the perfect DUT look. I already did and I’ll show it to you guys on Thursday so stay tuned.


Don’t get me wrong, I love going to work in my ripped jeans with my fav sneaker of the week but sometimes you need an extra boost or just a legit reason to wear those new pair of heels or that perfectly shaped pencil skirt. After all we don’t want to forget about style just because we’re at work. A working week can be as fabulous as you want it to be.


Last but not least, you all have a chance to win a €125,- shopping voucher. All you have to do is share your dressed up look on instagram and use the #DRESSUPTHURSDAY and tag @wefashionstories  @enfacedl.

Share your style. Inspire. 





I’m back from Paris!! A week full of fashion, exploring the beautiful city with my girl Elke Sockeel from @Goldiloks and eating bread with cheese on a daily basis (it’s the only city where this is allowed :) ) The street style was less impressive than last time but still it’s Paris, people tend to look weird every day of the year. As I said in a previous post, I’m expanding my closet with more colors and denim is one of them! I wear this vintage denim shirt in every possible way, for every possible occasion. Same thing with this choker. These days I can’t go without my black choker and my Charlotte necklace. The nineties are back and I’m embracing it with both arms! Expanding my choker collection is next on my to do list. How do you like your choker?

I’m wearing :
T2 – Vintage Denim shirt
Zara – Pants
Forever21 – Choker
Adidas Originals – Jacket (with sleeves but I removed them, cuz I can)

Pics by Julie Vanlommel




This shoot is about being one with my music but the vibe of the pictures turned out different. Wearing one color is the trend I’ll be following in 2016. One of my resolutions was to wear light colors in stead of black all the time and I’m here to follow up. Thanks to Zalando I’m the proud owner of these new Stan smiths with velcro.With the ultimate ears box you can take your music literally everywhere, even in the shower (since it’s waterproof). It can be the center of attention at a party but the minimalistic design also allows the box to blend in with the interior without too much notice. There are also more noticeable designs if you want your music to be the center of attention. At home I used to listen to my music through my macbook but now that I’ve discovered the ulitmate ears box’s sound quality I can’t go back. I’m listening a lot to ZHU lately, who’s your favourite artist?

Ph by Jeffrey Calant
Location hostel Pulcinella Antwerp



I’ve noticed that I’m wearing black most of  the time and I want to change that. But before I’m going all crazy colors on you guys, here’s my full black VIP look with a finishing touch by komono. Find the Stella Metal Sunglasses here and the  winston royale watch here. Every girl likes to dress up once in a while and I’m no exception. At first I thought overknee boots were only for people with long legs but with these babies I feel more confident and sexy than ever. When I’m in these boots and wearing a pair of sunglasses my attitude immediately changes but not in the pretentious way. Still need to stay down to earth but a little confidence never hurt nobody. What do you guys think?