My #ckscitybreak experience in Paris


Hey guys, I just got back from my trip to Paris thanks to CKS. I took my mom because it was recently her birthday and if I’m being totally honest, she’s the one taking most of my pictures so she’s the perfect partner in crime for a citytrip. We took the Thalys in Antwerp and arrived only 2 hours later in beautiful Paris. It felt like 5 minutes though because I slept the entire ride. First we went to our hotel – Hotel du Temps, which was a 10-minute walk from the station, to check in and drop of our bags. You know the struggle of not knowing what to pack when you’re going on a city trip? That’s where this CKS City break collection comes in handy. There’s one cool print that is used in different items so you can combine them all together. It’s a mix and match situation so you can make different outfits with only a few items. The best thing is that it all fits in the CKS travel bag so you can travel light, efficient and fashionable! The weather forecast seemed to be good so I chose to wear a high waist printed skirt with a matching top. It was even hotter than I thought so this easy breezy outfit was definitely the way to go!
Little tip : when you tuck in your top in the skirt it looks like a dress.

Outfit 1 :
ULA skirt (my ultimate favorite)
UPTOWN blouse
CKS women tas



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Our hotel was so cute and cozy and the people were so nice.  They recommended Rose Bakery for lunch so we decided to follow their advice. The food looked amazing but unfortunately the place was full so I’ll remember that one for next time. On our way back we bumped into this cute little restaurant with a beautiful terrace in the sun called – Café Marguerite where we had a delicious Cesar Salad and Carpaccio of watermelon. With a full stomach we walked to “Le Marais”, it’s one of my favorite parts in Paris. You can walk for hours in Le marais, there’s loads of cute little stores and hidden restaurants where people are waiting in line for a table so it must be good then! After walking all afternoon we got a little thirsty it was apero time anyway so we had a glass of wine at Le café du marche. They also have a big terrace in the sun and our timing couldn’t be more perfect because the were just having a flower workshop we could join. For dinner we went to Mersea, a great street-sea-food restaurant famous for their fish&chips and I have to admit, it was delicious! Like we haven’t had enough food for one day, there was a place next to Mersea called Amorino where they served the cutest flower-looking icecream so we had one for dessert. With a full stomach we went back to our cosy hotel and had a good night sleep! I was happily surprised how quiet it was at night, I didn’t hear a thing from outside and slept like a baby!

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On monday we enjoyed our breakfast at the hotel (best bread I had in a long time!) and went for another shopping spree. As a break from trying on clothes all day we had coffee at O-bla-di, a small place where you can also have breakfast and to be honest it looked really good but we where still full from our breakfast at the hotel…


We were planning on having lunch at Panache but it was all the way across town and we randomly bumped into Boboli which is a great Italian restaurant, famous for having only fresh seasonal food. We had a long lunch in the sun with a great bottle of wine! I would really recommend this one. Next time I’m in Paris, I’m definitely going back there! Before heading back to Antwerp we stopped at Berko, a pastry shop famous for their cheesecake. I think I gained like 5kg over the weekend but it was worth it! The second day was even hotter so I wore loose fitted pants with matching top which looks like a jumpsuit when you wear it together. I finished this look with a printed kimono in the same color palette as the ‘jumpsuit’. Notice how I love to match prints together? I’m in love with ensembles.




Outfit 2 : 
UGO broek
UMIT top
ULRIKKE kimono
UNITE t-shirt

Paris, you stole my heart once again!




My first Hunkemöller experience in München!


Hi guys, it’s been a while now since I’ve written something here but these past few months have been crazy! A lot has changed – moved to a different appartment, switched jobs, a lot of travel,…won Hunkemöller blogger awards in category Sport!! Still so proud of that title and so grate-full that I’m a part of the family now! One of the rewards was to visit München and meet the amazing and inspiring Doutzen Kroes during the press launch of her new collection.


First we had a beautiful and healthy lunch with a lot of Hunkemöller ambassadors from all over the world. Meeting young, creative and ambitious people is one of the perks of being a blogger. It’s so nice meeting the people you’ve looked up to for a while and really getting to know them.

After lunch we got a chance to do a fun but hard ballet-workout. Unfortunately for me the event was too soon after my surgery and I wasn’t fully recovered so I couldn’t participate yet. Next time I’ll be there right next to Doutzen for sure! :) She’s even more stunning in real life, it’s crazy!








After our meet-and-greet I wanted to treat myself and went shopping in the Hunkemöller store in Kaufingerstrasse. I think I tried on everything and I also went home with almost the entire collection. I think some new sports-gear can really be an extra motivation to get your ass back in the gym! It definitely worked for me. After surgery I wasn’t able to workout for a couple of months but now I’m getting better and I’m able to do some boxing again. Finally!!






It was a short visit but I’m definitely going back to München someday! Thanks to Hunkemöller and We Fly Cheap for making this trip happen!

My daily beauty routine.


Hi guys, in this blogpost I’ll reveil my daily day beauty routine. Over the years I’ve switched a lot between products and brands because of my bad skin. It’s also a big difference in between seasons so I’m always looking for new and improved products that are just right for my type of skin. Although I change between products, I always use the make-up removal wipes for face and eyes from Demak-up. The quality is excellent because I don’t like it when the surface is too rough, it damages the skin.

The brand I’ve been working with these days is Shiseido, it was a tip from a friend and I have to say I’m very satisfied. I have an oily T-zone but the rest of my face is usually too dry so this formula is perfect for both skintypes.

  1. I wash my face with the cleansing fluid by Shiseido. I use a wet wipe to remove the foam.



2. After cleaning my face I use the alcohol free, balancing softener lotion also by Shiseido. It’s one of my favorite products because it feels so fresh and gives my skin a glowy touch.



3. My day- and nightcream are the same. I use the quick matte moisturizer on an oil-free base. It’s hydratant and matifiant at the same time so it prevents my skin from glowing too much and gives it a matifant finishing touch. Now I put on my make-up  and I can start my day the right way!!


4. At night I also add a little eye cream from Caudalie because I believe you have to start early with the different creams ;). This cream is very refreshing and perfect for the dark circles under my eyes after another sleepless night… When I feel a pimple or something uneven coming up I put on the pureness blemish targeting gel by Shiseido. Only at night though and you have to be carefull not to put it on an open wound. It’s a very efficient product!


Thanks for reading this post and I hope you guys learned something. Happy Thursday!




It’s the first time Hunkemoller is hosting the Blogger awards and I’m so proud to announce that I’m nominated in the category ‘sports‘. I’ve always been the sporty type, ever since I was a little kid I was always playing tennis, soccer, basketball,.. everything with a lot of action and running! For me it’s not about competing but about finding myself and the perfect outlet.



A few years ago I started having a lot of pain in my legs every time I went running and it turns out I have compartment syndrome which means the pressure in the muscles in my legs is to high every time I run or jump… Since tennis and running wasn’t an option anymore I started boxing a while ago and fell in love with it! Everybody needs a safe place to find inner piece and motivation. A place to clear your head and find yourself again. For me that’s the boxing ring where I can keep pushing myself to achieve my goals and be the better, stronger version of myself. A few days ago I got surgery for my condition and in a few weeks/months I hope to be able to walk again and be able to pick up where I left off.



The ring is a place where I feel strong and confident, a place where I can lose myself for a couple of hours and feel reborn afterwards. It’s a more symbolic place than an actual spot for me. Wherever I’m working out, and go to that specific state of mind where I feel like I can do and be anything, that’s my safe zone. Boxing became my therapy, it makes me feel calm and in control. Not only is it doing wonders to my body but every time I go boxing I find a little perspective about life and the problems or obstacles that come with it. It’s a good thing my coaches Ali Makhi & Ken Kru keep pushing me so that I can push myself.


If you can relate to my story or just think I should win the blogger awards, please VOTE FOR ME!


Pictures & video by Gilles Claes / ZètaPictures

Thanks so much!

Desert Dreamer.




What does your desert dream look like? Wecandance took on a whole other level this year and fulfilled my desert dreams with the perfect combination of music, food, fashion and art. The place looked more magical than ever and had this entire Arabian vibe over it. Everywhere you looked there were cosy corners, goregous colorful carpets and fabrics moving around in the wind, the perfect set-up for a photo shoot.  There were also women painting henna, braid your hair and put on all kinds of beautiful make-up. I had the opportunity to work with Zalando and found this gorgeous Mango dress for my first look. I wore it with a Marco Polo Bandana finished with a gold jewelry detail on top.

My second look was less Princess and more Aladdin. I was wearing the classy Kiomi Pants with a sexy Miss Selfridge embroidered body  and Topshop Earrings. I had an amazing night and can’t wait what they’ll do next year!

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Lemons & Lemonade .


When Life gives you lemons, I make lemonade – Thanks Queen B for always motivating us! I’m still in a place where I’m trying to find what I want to do with my life and how I like my lemonade.  I feel like a lot of people, my age (25) are in that place and it gives me comfort knowing I’m not alone in this! Fashion is what I love so that’s what I’m meant to be doing. What and how is still up for debate.
I’m wearing a Mango dress by – Zalando / Topshop earrings / Torfs platform shoes.




NEUTRØ series


Global eyewear and watch brand KOMONO has launched the NEUTRØ Series, a capsule collection of sunglasses that sets a new standard in stylish sustainability. The NEUTRØ series has a reduced carbon footprint, the result of a collaboration with Dutch science-based company DSM Engineering Plastics. This new material has been developed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions commonly associated with human activity and industry production, an innovation that can help us protect our planet for the next generation. I thought this was a great mix between innovation and design, let’s hope there’s more to come. Aside from the dope glasses I’m also excited to reveal the first part of my collab with Photographer Kaat DM and Mua Sophie Bell. We’ve got two more looks for you guys so stay tuned!



Wearing :

Komono Sunglasses
I.Ma.Gi.N necklaces
Esprit pants
Zara top



I was so thrilled when Alpro invited me for one of the best festival in the World – Tomorrowland! I’m always trying to eat healthy and Alpro is my perfect partner in crime for that breakfast-wise! The Coconut milk is my absolute favorite. I had loads of their coconut cappuccino at their breakfast bar in Dreamville. So first things first, after arriving at Dreamville and dropping off our stuff we went straight to the Alpro breakfast bar where they served the most delicious pancakes and soy bowls ever! I had the one with chocolate and strawberries and it was to die for. To be honest, when I got home on monday, post-TML –  I was missing my Alpro breakfast, I’m definitely hooked for their soy bowls!


Put everything in place for the perfect Alpro Breakfast picture…




After breakfast we had an appointment with M.A.C  for our make-up. I chose the gold look and asked if they wanted to add some blue mascara. I’m not a fan of blue eyeshadow but the blue mascara is a great finishing touch if you ask me!




Ready for day 2! Elke and I started by running in between the rain drops on our way to another perfect Alpro breakfast. We were so hungry and determined for those pancakes and we made it!







walk of shame-shirt turned fashion



Hi guys, it’s been a while! I’m back though writing about fashion and what I know/love most! This look is the perfect example of what I’d love the wear everyday, comfy but eye catching. It’s also the perfect get-away look after a night of partying (and maybe not getting home). Four things you should always have with you when you go out and you don’t know how crazy the night will turn out to be.

  1. Sunglasses. Even if the sun isn’t shining, you’d still want to cover up that mascara gone wrong…
  2. Some kind of hair peace to cover up that bad hairday. This Scarf will distract them from noticing your almost-dreadlocks.
  3. A big smile (and maybe some mints). If you wear your biggest smile no-one will notice.
  4. His white shirt if he has one… Otherwise run!







Pictures by Mariefabriphoto

Wearing :
Pull&Bear – platforms
Scapa – Shirt
Zara – Bag & Scarf
KOMONO  Stella Champagne –  Sunglasses



When Bjorn Borg asked me to write about my rivals I didn’t think of a person as my rival but of stress and the fear of failure. No one wants to fail in any way and it can work both as a motivation but also as a liability. You need to keep your head strong to stay in the game. I used to play Tennis a lot and it was my favorite thing in the world. I could play for hours just for fun during summertime but when it got competitive I suddenly didn’t like it that much anymore.. Being competitive isn’t in my nature and it’s something I would like to work on because it can push you just a little further and that’s exactly what I need sometimes.

It’s the same in Blogger world, we all want the same thing and have the same goals which makes it hard sometimes. That being said, I think it’s important to develop your own style so you can shine in your own way and that’s something no one can take away from you, not even your worst rival. Stress & the fear of failure are my worst rivals but it’s something I have to learn to live with and it’s just another challenge I need to conquer. Blogging is about inspiring people and showing your love for fashion to the world.

It’s good to know who has your back because we’re all in it together after all and I wish everyone the very best! 

So dear Rivals, this one is just for you. I need you to fuck off so I can do my thing!




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Find your Bjorn Borg outfit here.

I’m wearing :
Tatum Tennis Skirt White
Solid high support bra Orange
Pascalle top White