This look doesn’t need much explaining. Denim is life! Ever since I was little I was always wearing denim on denim on denim… My parents had good taste though! I’m happy it’s making a ‘comeback’ although it should have never left the fashion scene! It’s a classic like leather and velvet. Different fabrics combining is my new thing. Also glad velvet is making a comeback. At first I couldn’t see me wearing it but now I have it in all different kinds of fits and colors! A perfect balance between casual and chic if you ask me! I love my new Unisa ankle boots, they’re so comfortable so now I can wear heels on a daily basis. Who would’ve thought, Enface’dl exchanging her sneakers for heels?!




I’m wearing :
Tommy Hilfiger Jacket
Topshop Pants & bag
Unisa ankle boots by Omoda
Masunaga Sunglasses by Loft Gent

Charlotte de Lange

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