My #ckscitybreak experience in Paris


Hey guys, I just got back from my trip to Paris thanks to CKS. I took my mom because it was recently her birthday and if I’m being totally honest, she’s the one taking most of my pictures so she’s the perfect partner in crime for a citytrip. We took the Thalys in Antwerp and arrived only 2 hours later in beautiful Paris. It felt like 5 minutes though because I slept the entire ride. First we went to our hotel – Hotel du Temps, which was a 10-minute walk from the station, to check in and drop of our bags. You know the struggle of not knowing what to pack when you’re going on a city trip? That’s where this CKS City break collection comes in handy. There’s one cool print that is used in different items so you can combine them all together. It’s a mix and match situation so you can make different outfits with only a few items. The best thing is that it all fits in the CKS travel bag so you can travel light, efficient and fashionable! The weather forecast seemed to be good so I chose to wear a high waist printed skirt with a matching top. It was even hotter than I thought so this easy breezy outfit was definitely the way to go!
Little tip : when you tuck in your top in the skirt it looks like a dress.

Outfit 1 :
ULA skirt (my ultimate favorite)
UPTOWN blouse
CKS women tas



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Our hotel was so cute and cozy and the people were so nice.  They recommended Rose Bakery for lunch so we decided to follow their advice. The food looked amazing but unfortunately the place was full so I’ll remember that one for next time. On our way back we bumped into this cute little restaurant with a beautiful terrace in the sun called – Café Marguerite where we had a delicious Cesar Salad and Carpaccio of watermelon. With a full stomach we walked to “Le Marais”, it’s one of my favorite parts in Paris. You can walk for hours in Le marais, there’s loads of cute little stores and hidden restaurants where people are waiting in line for a table so it must be good then! After walking all afternoon we got a little thirsty it was apero time anyway so we had a glass of wine at Le café du marche. They also have a big terrace in the sun and our timing couldn’t be more perfect because the were just having a flower workshop we could join. For dinner we went to Mersea, a great street-sea-food restaurant famous for their fish&chips and I have to admit, it was delicious! Like we haven’t had enough food for one day, there was a place next to Mersea called Amorino where they served the cutest flower-looking icecream so we had one for dessert. With a full stomach we went back to our cosy hotel and had a good night sleep! I was happily surprised how quiet it was at night, I didn’t hear a thing from outside and slept like a baby!

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On monday we enjoyed our breakfast at the hotel (best bread I had in a long time!) and went for another shopping spree. As a break from trying on clothes all day we had coffee at O-bla-di, a small place where you can also have breakfast and to be honest it looked really good but we where still full from our breakfast at the hotel…


We were planning on having lunch at Panache but it was all the way across town and we randomly bumped into Boboli which is a great Italian restaurant, famous for having only fresh seasonal food. We had a long lunch in the sun with a great bottle of wine! I would really recommend this one. Next time I’m in Paris, I’m definitely going back there! Before heading back to Antwerp we stopped at Berko, a pastry shop famous for their cheesecake. I think I gained like 5kg over the weekend but it was worth it! The second day was even hotter so I wore loose fitted pants with matching top which looks like a jumpsuit when you wear it together. I finished this look with a printed kimono in the same color palette as the ‘jumpsuit’. Notice how I love to match prints together? I’m in love with ensembles.




Outfit 2 : 
UGO broek
UMIT top
ULRIKKE kimono
UNITE t-shirt

Paris, you stole my heart once again!




Charlotte de Lange

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