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Two weeks ago I got featured in the STREETSTYLE section of the first FLAIR of the year. They asked me to pick 3 different outfits I feel good in and share my style tips about why I wear them. Pictures by Jens Mollenvanger


The first look is about how to dress down this very fashionable statement skirt. The first time I wore it to go to a fashion party but I find it unfortunate to let the skirt die in my closet and figured it’s also cool with a cropped sweater, some comfy heels (with socks in) and a beanie. I also think it’s not up to winter to decide you can’t have bare legs. As long as you’re not cold, you wear what you want and with the ‘technique’ of layering everything is possible. (Btw underneath this outfit I’m also wearing a long sleeved Tshirt and a high waisted short but no one will ever know so shhh..)

I’m wearing :
Forever 21 cropped sweater
Zara midi skirt
River Island Sandals
Veritas Socks
American Apparel Beanie
Essentiel Clutch


Cool kid on the block‘ is the second look. The socks are what give the look some color even on a grey day. Although this suit pants shortens my legs a bit, it’s really comfy and I got over the short-leg thing, it is what it is. This is my version of a school uniform in the most casual way with a bit of attitude thanks to the Vintage black leather Perfecto.

I’m wearing :
Zara Pants & shirt
Episode Perfecto
Veritas Socks
Adidas Sneakers
H&m Bucket bag

Schermafbeelding 2016-01-18 om 16.55.50
Schermafbeelding 2016-01-18 om 16.53.29


The great thing about this jumpsuit is that you can wear it for both fancy and casual occasions. It’s strapless but with the right turtleneck you can wear it as pants and it also lengthens your legs. Wide trousers always do the trick for me, and when it’s a high waisted pants it works even better! I think hats bring more personality to a look and are the perfect solution for a bad hair day. Also the combination of black with some lighter colors like this cream shearling coat is a very classy choice if you ask me!

I’m wearing :
Zara jumpsuit, turtleneck & bag
Sacha ankle boots
Mango Shearling coat
Vintage Hat



Charlotte de Lange

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