Tough love // ADIDAS

Remember the trailerpark outfit from last week? This is another streetstyle collaboration I did for Elle. Black & white, always a win! Adidas socks in Nike sneakers, is that wrong? I’m all about Nike sneakers but Adidas keeps surprising me with their cool collaborations. Each collection is different en trumps the other one. I’m always curious who the next artist is going to be.  Never boring and always my taste! Although I’m not keen on putting my legs out there, on days like these (when it’s like a hundred degrees) you don’t have a choice. I just got over myself and put on this cute high waist shorts that fits perfectly. The crop top probably looks familiar, it’s because I have it in every color and wear it all the time.
Enjoy your sundays!!

Pics by Heather Dobson  for Elle


Charlotte de Lange

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