So my hair is short now. Can’t remember the days it was long, you get used to it so fast! I’ve been blogging all day and got some great looks for you guys during these holi-study-days. This is one of my personal favorites because you can never go wrong with an all black-white sneaker look! I remember thinking a few weeks ago ‘damn I can’t afford this sweater but I really need it’ so I found a way (read : didn’t eat for a week. No that didn’t happen but no caviar or champagne for me is what I’m saying). Now it’s my go to sweater whenever I feel like dressing comfy and cool. Would you’ve guessed it’s a Zara piece?
Lately I’m wearing less statement necklaces and more ear cuffs! Although they’re not easy to find for me because of my small ears, my collection is already quite extensive.

Ph by le mama

Zara Sweater
Nike Air force 1 sneakers
Cheap monday high waist jeans
Triwa watch
Kipling Camera bag
MAC lipstick

Rockin’ the 90’s

Zalando's Blogger Awards 2014
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Antwerp represents!! During the sales I never tend to buy a lot because the season is over and every time I end up buying the new collection anyway – which is quite the opposite of sales. Off course you could have guessed that these items are exceptions! While I was trying on clothes in a little pop-up store in Antwerp (underneath the stairs because there were no fitting rooms) I fell with my clumsy ass in some boxes next to me where I found my Antwerp Tshirt from the brand Vier! As you can see it’s not my size but what can is say, wearing oversized T-shirts as dresses is my new thing.
Lately I’m always wearing my Nike air forces, they are my favorite at the moment and it’s going to hurt when they have the ‘used to be white’ look. I’m seriously thinking about buying them again.
The sleeveless jeans jacket is my new vintage item from Barcelona and I think it really screams 90’s! Especially with those JLO earrings and that old school bandana! All the way or not at all.

Pictures by Nick Van Calster

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Zalando's Blogger Awards 2014