Easy breezy.

Hi guys, here’s a post all about the basics! An oversized shirt combined with some leather pants and Stan Smith sneakers are always a win-win. Natural make-up, &hair and some fine jewelry to top it all of. This will probably be one of the last posts without a coat, scarf or hat because winter’s coming! Can’t wait to wear my new winter coat though. Stay tuned for this beauty, it’ll be worth your while.

Ph by  Marianne Lenaerts










Rockin’ the 90’s

Zalando's Blogger Awards 2014
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Antwerp represents!! During the sales I never tend to buy a lot because the season is over and every time I end up buying the new collection anyway – which is quite the opposite of sales. Off course you could have guessed that these items are exceptions! While I was trying on clothes in a little pop-up store in Antwerp (underneath the stairs because there were no fitting rooms) I fell with my clumsy ass in some boxes next to me where I found my Antwerp Tshirt from the brand Vier! As you can see it’s not my size but what can is say, wearing oversized T-shirts as dresses is my new thing.
Lately I’m always wearing my Nike air forces, they are my favorite at the moment and it’s going to hurt when they have the ‘used to be white’ look. I’m seriously thinking about buying them again.
The sleeveless jeans jacket is my new vintage item from Barcelona and I think it really screams 90’s! Especially with those JLO earrings and that old school bandana! All the way or not at all.

Pictures by Nick Van Calster

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Zalando's Blogger Awards 2014


This coat is one of the wonderful pieces I brought with me from Barcelona, maybe even my personal favorite. It’s all grey and cold outside so some color can’t hurt right?!  Those jeans are a little souvenir from NewYork. They were clean but one -very impulsive- day  I went a little crazy with my scissors. Also Jeans on Jeans isn’t always a good idea but today I think it works. Another new piece in my closet is that awesome clutch. I saw it a few weeks ago with my mom but I didn’t buy it and I couldn’t get it out of my head either. And as sweet as she is, she went back to get it for me as a surprise. Talking about a happy homecoming!

Coat – Zara
Pants – American apparel
Shoes – Vans
Clutch – Essentiel (by Sofie Valkiers)
Jeans Shirt – H&M

Pictures by Anouk Lannoo