So my hair is short now. Can’t remember the days it was long, you get used to it so fast! I’ve been blogging all day and got some great looks for you guys during these holi-study-days. This is one of my personal favorites because you can never go wrong with an all black-white sneaker look! I remember thinking a few weeks ago ‘damn I can’t afford this sweater but I really need it’ so I found a way (read : didn’t eat for a week. No that didn’t happen but no caviar or champagne for me is what I’m saying). Now it’s my go to sweater whenever I feel like dressing comfy and cool. Would you’ve guessed it’s a Zara piece?
Lately I’m wearing less statement necklaces and more ear cuffs! Although they’re not easy to find for me because of my small ears, my collection is already quite extensive.

Ph by le mama

Zara Sweater
Nike Air force 1 sneakers
Cheap monday high waist jeans
Triwa watch
Kipling Camera bag
MAC lipstick

BLACK shampain

What is that saying – I’ll stop wearing black when they invent a darker color. Amen to that! And I think there will be more out there that share this opinion, am I right? The perfect combination of basics is what this look represents. Who doesn’t have a black leather jacket these days? This beauty is from Eleven Paris and still makes my top 5 best purchases! I also couldn’t go without this high waist black jeans from cheap monday. With sneakers or heels, in the winter or summer, it doesn’t matter it’s always a good idea!

What I’m wearing
Eleven Paris leather jacket
Cheap monday Jeans
Asos Tshirt
River Island Slip-on

The pictures were taken a while ago (as you would’ve guessed since my hair is still long) by the lovely Ilse Wouters !