Cara is my ex.

I’m back with a new series of pictures I did with the lovely and talented Morgane Gielen from MorgaineG photography. (Styling, hair and make-up by me). To keep things interesting you have to explore new things and figure out new concepts. To create a whole different vibe we took pictures ‘by night’. Apart from being blinded after a thousand flashes I loved doing the shoot and can’t wait to share the other outfits. You should definitely check out the KROOT page and website where you can find dope items like this backpack for example. Oversized never goes out of style, not in my case anyway. This perfect vintage Levis jacket was on my wishlist for a while now and I finally made it mine when I shopped @Episode in Antwerp!

Eleven Paris – Cap
KROOT – Backpack
River Island – Boots (special thanks to Oona)
Vintage Levis – Jacket
Fish & Chips – Dress


BLACK shampain

What is that saying – I’ll stop wearing black when they invent a darker color. Amen to that! And I think there will be more out there that share this opinion, am I right? The perfect combination of basics is what this look represents. Who doesn’t have a black leather jacket these days? This beauty is from Eleven Paris and still makes my top 5 best purchases! I also couldn’t go without this high waist black jeans from cheap monday. With sneakers or heels, in the winter or summer, it doesn’t matter it’s always a good idea!

What I’m wearing
Eleven Paris leather jacket
Cheap monday Jeans
Asos Tshirt
River Island Slip-on

The pictures were taken a while ago (as you would’ve guessed since my hair is still long) by the lovely Ilse Wouters !


Pardon My French

Ever since I have a foot injury  my heels are replaced by orthotics, sexy right. Also for the record those orthotics don’t fit in any of my current shoes..
Only one thing came to mind, buy new shoes! These boots are 2 sizes bigger then my regular shoe size so  it’s hard to walk like a lady but i’m getting there, still practicing! After all there’s nothing wrong with a Tomboy.

IMG_5476Leather jacket – Eleven Paris
Tshirt – Asos
Pants – American Apparel
Bag – Asos