I was so thrilled when Alpro invited me for one of the best festival in the World – Tomorrowland! I’m always trying to eat healthy and Alpro is my perfect partner in crime for that breakfast-wise! The Coconut milk is my absolute favorite. I had loads of their coconut cappuccino at their breakfast bar in Dreamville. So first things first, after arriving at Dreamville and dropping off our stuff we went straight to the Alpro breakfast bar where they served the most delicious pancakes and soy bowls ever! I had the one with chocolate and strawberries and it was to die for. To be honest, when I got home on monday, post-TML –  I was missing my Alpro breakfast, I’m definitely hooked for their soy bowls!


Put everything in place for the perfect Alpro Breakfast picture…




After breakfast we had an appointment with M.A.C  for our make-up. I chose the gold look and asked if they wanted to add some blue mascara. I’m not a fan of blue eyeshadow but the blue mascara is a great finishing touch if you ask me!




Ready for day 2! Elke and I started by running in between the rain drops on our way to another perfect Alpro breakfast. We were so hungry and determined for those pancakes and we made it!







H&M loves Coachella


Summer is coming people! That also means it’s time for a new festival season with heart shaped sunglasses, denim shorts, colorful prints,… The crazier the better! It’s about music that’s for sure but you can’t deny that every festival needs a proper outfit! (probably themed and everything)

I’m so looking forward to it and was delighted to have a chance to work with H&M for my first Coachella-inspired-festival-look! It’s no surprise I’m going for another full denim look with some flower embroidery.

I was a little shy at first because it was the first time showing some leg in 2017… After a while I was fine and totally channeling my inner Erin Brochovich, played by the lovely Julia Roberts. (If only I had her legs).
An empowered woman, certain of who she is and what she wants. Amen



The whole look is by H&M loves Coachella. Shop the items here :
Denim Jacket
Denim Skirt
Metalic Body
Blue Sunglasses