My first Hunkemöller experience in München!


Hi guys, it’s been a while now since I’ve written something here but these past few months have been crazy! A lot has changed – moved to a different appartment, switched jobs, a lot of travel,…won Hunkemöller blogger awards in category Sport!! Still so proud of that title and so grate-full that I’m a part of the family now! One of the rewards was to visit München and meet the amazing and inspiring Doutzen Kroes during the press launch of her new collection.


First we had a beautiful and healthy lunch with a lot of Hunkemöller ambassadors from all over the world. Meeting young, creative and ambitious people is one of the perks of being a blogger. It’s so nice meeting the people you’ve looked up to for a while and really getting to know them.

After lunch we got a chance to do a fun but hard ballet-workout. Unfortunately for me the event was too soon after my surgery and I wasn’t fully recovered so I couldn’t participate yet. Next time I’ll be there right next to Doutzen for sure! :) She’s even more stunning in real life, it’s crazy!








After our meet-and-greet I wanted to treat myself and went shopping in the Hunkemöller store in Kaufingerstrasse. I think I tried on everything and I also went home with almost the entire collection. I think some new sports-gear can really be an extra motivation to get your ass back in the gym! It definitely worked for me. After surgery I wasn’t able to workout for a couple of months but now I’m getting better and I’m able to do some boxing again. Finally!!






It was a short visit but I’m definitely going back to München someday! Thanks to Hunkemöller and We Fly Cheap for making this trip happen!



It’s the first time Hunkemoller is hosting the Blogger awards and I’m so proud to announce that I’m nominated in the category ‘sports‘. I’ve always been the sporty type, ever since I was a little kid I was always playing tennis, soccer, basketball,.. everything with a lot of action and running! For me it’s not about competing but about finding myself and the perfect outlet.



A few years ago I started having a lot of pain in my legs every time I went running and it turns out I have compartment syndrome which means the pressure in the muscles in my legs is to high every time I run or jump… Since tennis and running wasn’t an option anymore I started boxing a while ago and fell in love with it! Everybody needs a safe place to find inner piece and motivation. A place to clear your head and find yourself again. For me that’s the boxing ring where I can keep pushing myself to achieve my goals and be the better, stronger version of myself. A few days ago I got surgery for my condition and in a few weeks/months I hope to be able to walk again and be able to pick up where I left off.



The ring is a place where I feel strong and confident, a place where I can lose myself for a couple of hours and feel reborn afterwards. It’s a more symbolic place than an actual spot for me. Wherever I’m working out, and go to that specific state of mind where I feel like I can do and be anything, that’s my safe zone. Boxing became my therapy, it makes me feel calm and in control. Not only is it doing wonders to my body but every time I go boxing I find a little perspective about life and the problems or obstacles that come with it. It’s a good thing my coaches Ali Makhi & Ken Kru keep pushing me so that I can push myself.


If you can relate to my story or just think I should win the blogger awards, please VOTE FOR ME!


Pictures & video by Gilles Claes / ZètaPictures

Thanks so much!