BLACK shampain

What is that saying – I’ll stop wearing black when they invent a darker color. Amen to that! And I think there will be more out there that share this opinion, am I right? The perfect combination of basics is what this look represents. Who doesn’t have a black leather jacket these days? This beauty is from Eleven Paris and still makes my top 5 best purchases! I also couldn’t go without this high waist black jeans from cheap monday. With sneakers or heels, in the winter or summer, it doesn’t matter it’s always a good idea!

What I’m wearing
Eleven Paris leather jacket
Cheap monday Jeans
Asos Tshirt
River Island Slip-on

The pictures were taken a while ago (as you would’ve guessed since my hair is still long) by the lovely Ilse Wouters !


Charlotte de Lange


    • Dankje! ik herinner me niet meer van waar ze komen maar ik gok River Island :)

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